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Pest Control Business

Do you see signs and hear sounds in your home Pest Control Businessthat point to much needed Pest Control Business  Contact? Those scratching noises in the walls and air ducts that we hear in the middle of the night and just pass off as the natural sound of air flowing from the furnace. Maybe you keep seeing the spiders crawling around the basement floors or around the floors of the washrooms. Well, a lot of people are experiencing pests in their homes and are contacting pest control businesses for help. Most people detest the management of pests, but if you are one of a select group of people that have no problem in pest control then the pest control business may be the right choice for you.

The variety of pests for the Pest Control Business is extensive

The variety of pests is extensive and provides a vast array of services for your business including, ant control, bed bug control, carpenter ants, mosquito control, pigeon control, rat control, mouse control, moths control and the list goes on.

The business can be operated out of your home with effective marketing to reach the desperate potential customer. The best evolving media is the internet with Google search and Google Places (Maps). The overhead costs are low.

The chron.con website published an excellent article on running a pest control business which is worth your review..

Pest control businesses provide an important service in removing or eliminating potentially harmful insects, rodent and reptiles from commercial and residential properties. To start a pest control business, you must apply for a pest control license and pass an exam to demonstrate your ability to use chemicals and other means to exterminate vermin properly. Depending on the area in which you live, some vermin are more common then others. Market your services based on community needs.

Items you will need

■Pest control license

■Chemical materials training

Step 1

Determine the types of pest control services to offer clients. General pest control services include preventative yearly maintenance of bugs and rodents using chemicals and traps, and termite inspection. Specific services may include the elimination of roaches, bees, ants, spiders, mice, rats and snakes. Try to offer a variety of services based on the needs of your community to provide pest control services to as many clients as possible.

Step 2

Apply for a business license to operate a pest control business through the county clerk’s office or small business administration office in your area. Apply for a pest control license by contacting the department of agriculture or state pesticide regulation office. If forming a limited liability company, corporation or partnership, register the business with the secretary of state’s office. Apply for an Employer Identification Number to use on all business and tax forms through the Internal Revenue Service. Apply for a sales tax license through your state’s department of revenue office to accept and report sales tax earnings from clients.

Step 3

Purchase business insurance and surety bond from a licensed insurance provider. Business insurance typically includes general liability, product, auto, property and worker’s compensation. A surety bond is used to provide additional insurance coverage in the event of a lawsuit or settlement and helps keep businesses financially accountable when interacting with clients. Each employee must purchase a surety bond.

Step 4

Lease commercial retail space or create a home office. Contact a commercial real estate agent to help you find an appropriate retail location. Contact local the zoning and housing office to determine if you can store pest control chemicals in residential areas before starting a pest control business from your home. Purchase company vehicles to transport employees and equipment. Purchase pest control equipment, such as chemicals, chemical sprayers, traps, and small cages if removing and relocating small animals or reptiles.

Step 5

Market pest control services in local newspapers and magazines. Create a website to highlight customer testimonials, services and contact information. List your business in print and online business directories. Attend local trades shows and home improvement expos to meet new clients. Contact local contractors, home builders, property management companies and other businesses to market pest control services.

Create a Customized Business Plan for your Pest Control Business

The above pest control business article outlines a thorough approach to starting a business; however, you need to prepare your own customized business plan which meets your resources level and market area.  Checkout the training and resources offered by PestBiz if you are really serious about starting a business control business. Specialized information will always save you money in starting your Pest Control Business.

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