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Your Start a Business London  Start a Business Londonproject should include the participation of professionals in order to minimize your risk and increase the probability of a more profitable venture.

Contact one of the Professional Services Providers listed above to help you start a business in London.

Successful CEO’s Get Help with their Start a Business London Investment

Successful CEO’s of large corporations as well as one person operations choose competent experts to supply the assortment of skills needed to plan and control a business. The mirage of legal, tax, accounting, risk management and personal finances is beyond the skill set of one individual especially a new entrepreneur.

Get your Start a Business London Team Organized Now and Brainstorm

Consider contacting an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent and financial planner to your Start a Business London venture as soon as possible.

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Boulder Event: House of Genius; Gathering a Community of Problem

It is networking with a purpose; to brainstorm and solve problems community entrepreneurs are facing. ‘Genius started a year ago in Boulder Colorado by three local entrepreneurs; Toma Bedolla, Tim Williams, and Collin

On November 14th, we are gathering our Boulder alumni for a reunion style event: Boulder Neighborhood 2011 with the goal of giving back to our beloved community. The Boulder Community Foundation will present a pressing community issue to 80-100 ‘Genius alumni and several non profit leaders have been invited as well. Expect a massive brainstorming session; our goal is to make an impact, ignite new ideas, and help our community in every way we can.

House of Genius is a completely volunteer-run, self-funded community service. Our founding team and many other supporters regularly dedicate time to help local entrepreneurs solve problems and inspire leaders in our community to learn and share. Our participants regularly tell us that this is the coolest, most valuable meet up they’ve ever attended. You’re not just there to meet people, you’re there to solve a problem, ignite new ideas, learn learn learn (!) and become part of a growing network of diverse professionals.

Publish Date: 11/13/2011 16:44

You Have A Business Idea, Now What?

Successful entrepreneur and CEO, Jay Adelson, demystifies the process of launching a company by answering aspiring entrepreneur’s questions. Today he discusses what the initial steps are after coming up with an idea for a new company. Have a question…

Start a Business London Permits and Licenses
Business licence FAQ’s
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The City of London requires certain types of businesses and/or occupations to obtain a business licence. This site answers the most commonly asked questions regarding licensing.

Before you commit to a location for your business, check with The City of London’s online Business Registration system to determine if your type of business activity is permitted in a specific location. You can explore different business activities and potential locations as well as determine what approvals, permits, and business licences you may need.

Frequently asked questions…
Do I need a business licence?

Most businesses need a licence to operate. In order to determine whether you require a business licence go to Business Registration. Answer a few questions about your business activities and the system will advise if a business licence is required.

Alternatively, you can contact the Licence Division, and provide a complete description of your intended business activity. If it is determined that you require a business licence, you will be advised of the licensing category or categories within which your business falls, as well as steps you will have to take in order to obtain the licence.

A list of the types of businesses that require licensing, including the Business Licence Fee Schedule and examples of how to calculate the licence fee is available under Categories and Fees.
Why should my business get a licence?
A business licence signifies to the public and other businesses that you have met The City of London’s licensing requirements and are permitted to operate your particular business within London.

Please note: Without a valid business licence, contractors are NOT able to obtain construction permits.
Refer to the City of London website for details on obtaining a business license.


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