Oct 032012

New entrepreneurs are looking for the best places to start a business in Canada Best Place to start a business in Canadaand have found two of their favorite Provinces. A new report released by CIBC on Tuesday indicated that British Columbia was leading all the Canadian Provinces for new business start-ups. Technology makes it easier to start a new venture from home which lowers the costs of operating a business. It appears that the majority of new businesses are started by men, however, women are more successful at their ventures. Read more on this report hereā€¦

Canada to see unprecedented boom in new businesses: CIBC – Calgary Herald


Hamilton SpectatorCanada to see unprecedented boom in new businesses: CIBCCalgary HeraldMegan Maguire, 27, had worked as an interior design consultant for about seven years but in June she decided to open her new small business following her passion …

The older and more mature generation forms the greatest percentage of those who are starting their own business abd have acquired practical skills, contacts, savings and grownup children presents more opportunity for self employment. The preparation of a good business plan and help from a business coach will enhance the probability of success

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